Evans Tries an O-Level- Main Characters of the Story

By | September 9, 2023
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Evans Tries an O-Level

                                        ByColin Dexter

Main Characters of the Story

Evans: Evans is a ‘congenital kleptomaniac’ and is known as ‘Evans the Break’. He is a genius in planning and is an excellent manipulator. His entire plan is well planned and each step is calculated. Apart from being clever, Evans is a keen observer. It is due to his intelligence, presence of mind and cleverness that he is taken out of the prison house by Carter himself who is unaware of the fact that the man whom he is taking out is not the person but Evans himself. He is an excellent actor and understands human psychology so well. He knew that the jail authorities will never think that it was Evans who stayed back and it is McLeery who ran away. He acted so well that nobody doubted him. He was a genius as finally in spite of being arrested by the Governor, he was able to escape because of his friends disguised as police officers.

The Governor: The Governor of H.M. Prison is a very intelligent and vigilant person but at times he overestimates himself. He is extra cautious in Evans’ case but is too much dependent on his staff and makes hasty conclusions. He is full of ideas and many a time his hunches prove true but he never investigates them. Though he is always conscious of Evans’ cleverness, he fails to understand Evans’ psyche.

 His conjectures brought the successful implementation of Evans plans. He does not cross-examine the identity of the wounded man and is led on. However, he is intelligent and analytical. He is able to put two and two together and locate the Golden lion hotel and reach Evans. But as usual, in his zeal to look efficient, he does not check the identity of the prison officers. This results in the escape of Evans.

Jackson: Jackson is a young and alert prison officer. Like the governor, he is very alert and enthusiastic about his lie is very keen and serious and being a senior is good at giving instructions and orders to his subordinate Stephens. Though he looks stern, he is soft at heart and is gullible. He allows Evans to wear his cap on and doesn’t doubt him. He is so excited that he fails to notice small but important details. He is careless not to check McLeery thoroughly and so failed to note two cloaks, two beards and two collars that McLeery was wearing. He was so casual about his duty that didn’t even bother to go and check Evans after the exam was over.

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