Evans Tries an O-Level- Important Extra Questions Value-Based Answer Type

By | July 15, 2023
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Evans Tries an O-Level

                                        By–Colin Dexter

Value-based Questions

1. Habits and nature formed in the adolescence become rigid and indelible. This is quite evident in Evan’s character. Write an article on the importance of providing a good environment at the adolescent age.

Ans.                                          Importance of Good Environment for Adolescents

Adolescence is considered to be the most crucial period for the all-round development of a person. At this age, rapid developments such as physical, mental and emotional take place. Every adolescent chooses his role model and tries to imitate him/her. If a good environment and exposure are provided to an adolescent at this age, he/she grows into a mentally and physically healthy adult who is productive for the society and the nation. This is the most important phase of human life. The image, the thought process, the habits are formed at this age remain forever. Evans had been a victim of negative growth in his early years. As a result, in spite of being so clever, his personality has found negative growth. It must have been due to the company of his friends and the circumstances he had faced in life. Thus, it is the environment which is most important for adolescents.

2. Evans was so smart and clever that in spite of strict vigil, he managed to escape the prison. This shows his intelligence. But he used all his brain for the wrong purpose. Had this capability been utilized for some good purpose, it would have contributed to the betterment of society or nation. The similar situation is of the youth of today. Write a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly urging the youngsters to use their skills for constructive purposes.

Ans. Good morning. Respected principal, teachers and dear friends, today I am going to express my views on the importance of using our skills for the constructive purpose. It is said that young age is the most powerful time in a person’s life. At this age, one is full of energy, enthusiasm, power and hopes. We, the youngsters are the future of our nation. We all are fortunate to get the best education and good living provided by our teachers and parents. Our education and exposure have provided us with skills and knowledge. It is believed that youngsters arc smarter than adults, especially in the use of technology. But it is said that freedom and responsibility come hand in hand. Thus, we have to make sure that we use our skills and knowledge for constructive purposes. We should not like Evans to utilize our intelligence for breaking the laws and other negative purposes. It is our duty to a responsible citizen of society and nation and uses our skills for the upliftment of our society and country.

Thank you.

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