English Language Study Verbs Rules & Exercises No- 69 & 70 (Unsolved)

By | April 12, 2019

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Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs given in brackets:

  1. The Ramayana ——————— some very old stories. (Contain)

(a)are containing         (b)contain              (C)will contain                        (d)none of these.

  1. We —————- so that we may live. (Eat)

(a)ate                           (b)will eat                    (c)eat                                   (d)none of these.

  1. Failures ————- the pillar of success. (Be)

(a)is                             (b)are                           (c)shall be                           (d)none of these.

  1. Tendulkar ——————– a century before he got out. (Score)

(a)had scored              (b)will score                (c)were scoring                 (d)none of these.

  1. The carpenter will have ——————- a chair. (Make)

(a)make                       (b)made                       (d)will make                      (d)none of these.

Download the above Exercises in PDF (Printable)


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets:

(i)Some students never…………….. hard.           (Work)

 (a)was working                   (b)are working                  (c)am working              (d)work.

(ii)He thanked me for what I ……………………….         (Do)

 (a)is doing                            (b)am doing                     (c)did                            (d)do.

(iii)They ……….. a house in Delhi in two years.  (Buy)

 (a)has been bought              (b)have been bought           (c)bought                  (d)none of these.

(iv)My servant…………… the job two weeks ago.   (Leave)

 (a)comes                             (b)came                                (c)has come             (d)none of these.

(v)I…………. him when he was completing his work.   (See)

    (a)reads                           (b)read                                 (c)has read                   (d)none of these.

Download the above Exercises in PDF (Printable)

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