English Grammar Test Exercise No.- 1 (Solved)

By | April 12, 2019

Preparing for grammar is a major step for learning English. Keeping in View we are providing English Grammar Test Exercises with answers PDF. These exercises include miscellaneous items like present tenses exercises, mixed conditionals exercises, tenses exercise with answers, to-infinitive exercise, perfect tenses exercises. This English grammar test quiz will help you to take advanced grammar tests.


Do as directed:

1. She will teach them music. (Change the voice)

2. The hunter took out his gun. He went out. (Combine the sentences into a single sentence beginning with ‘Taking’)

3. He is too weak to walk. (Remove ‘too’ without changing the meaning)

4. He is too active to sit idle. (Remove ‘too’ without changing the meaning)

5. Did she learn her lesson? (Change the voice)

6. He got ready. He went to school. (Combine the sentences into one sentence beginning with ‘Having’)                                       


7. Did you forgive his rudeness? (Change the voice)

8. Reis too good to deceive anyone. (Remove ‘too’ without changing the meaning)

9. Mohit finished his work. He went to school. (Combine the sentences into a single sentence  beginning with ‘Having’)                                                          

10. He is so honest that he will accept a bribe. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘too’ changing the meaning)                                                                                                 

11. She did not sing a song. (Change the voice)

12. I finished the work. I went home. (Combine the sentences into one sentence beginning with ‘Having’)                                                                                    

13. Why is he painting those houses? (Change the voice)

14. I heard the noise. I trembled with fear. (Combine the sentences into a single sentence beginning with ‘On hearing’)

15. He is too obstinate to obey others. (Remove ‘too without changing the meaning)


  1. They will be taught music by her.
  2. Taking his gun, the hunter went out.
  3. He is so weak that he cannot walk.
  4. He is so active that he cannot sit idle.
  5. Is her lesson learnt by her?
  6. Having got ready, he went to school.
  7. Has his rudeness been forgiven by you?
  8. He is so good that he cannot deceive anyone.
  9. Having finished his work, Mohit went to school.
  10. He is too honest to accept a bribe.
  11. Not a song was sung by her.
  12. Having finished the work I went home.
  13. Why are those houses being painted by him?
  14. On hearing the noise, I trembled with fear.
  15. He is so obstinate that he will not obey others.

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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