Diary Entry Format and Examples No.7 & 8

It was the happiest day of your life when the Principal of your school informed you and your parents that you topped the list of successful candidates in your zone. Then started the endless ringing of telephone bells. Congratulatory messages started pouring in from friends and relatives. All the neighbours came to congratulate you on your grand success. At the end of the day, you were so much overwhelmed by happiness and excitement that you made a diary entry of the sequence of events on that fateful day. Reproduce that entry here inventing your own details.

 Ans. Ambala

10th March, 20XX

 Monday, 6:00 pm

Dear Diary,

Life is full of surprises. I couldn’t sleep the previous night. The next morning the results of the Board were to be announced. Then suddenly at 9 am, we heard a telephone ring. I ran to receive it. My Principal was on the line. “Congratulations my boy! You have topped the list of successful candidates in the Ambala Zone. We are proud of you!” He also congratulated my parents.

Then started the non-stop congratulatory messages from my teachers, class fellows, friends and relatives. My parents were busy in distributing `laddoos’. I felt like a celebrity. And a celebrity I was. Two correspondents of leading news channels came to interview me. I only felt that nothing succeeds like success and thanked my stars.


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You went to see the India International Trade Fair held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Using the hints given below together with your Ideas on the subject, make a diary entry of what you saw and experienced there.

Hints:  • As usual IITF was held at Pragati maidan • all leading countries participated • Chinese dominated the show • all states • separate pavillions • all states of India • Kashmir and goa drew maximum crowds • cultural programmes • Food Courts • from pin to luxury coaches • high prices dampened the spirit

Ans. New Delhi

16th June, 20XX

 Thursday, 8:00 pm

Dear Diary,

A visit to the International Trade Fair has always been a rewarding experience for me. Four of my close friends accompanied me there. It was a different world over there. To be precise, it was a fairyland. The pavilions of Germany, Canada, the USA, China and Great Britain attracted a large crowd.

India was represented by almost all states and establishments like the Indian Railways, Indian Tourism, LIC, Tatas and what not. The ‘Food Courts’ served all tastes from Pizzas to the holey Bhatturey’. We bought pairs of shoes, mobiles and garments. The fair provided opportunities for a lot of fun and entertainment. Film show, folk dances and puppet shows drew huge crowds. Anyway, it was a very pleasant and rewarding experience.


Download the above Diary Entry in PDF (Printable)

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