Dialogue Writing in English Examples & Exercise – 31 & 32


Complete the dialogue by choosing the correct answers from the options given below:

John: Your club is a reputed one. Please tell me (a)…………..

Ibrahim: I don’t remember (b) ………..  at that time.

John: Please ask your friends (c) …………

Ibrahim: O.K. I’ll try my level best to do so.

(a) (i) how have you got its membership      (ii) how were you getting its membership

(iii) how you got its membership                   (iv) how did you get its membership

(b)(i) who have helped me                             (ii) who helped me

(iii) who has helped me                                   (iv) who is helping me

(c)(i) whether can I become a member         (ii) if I can become a member

(iii) can I become a member                           (iv) I can become a member


Question- Write the following dialogue between two people, a student and an anchor.


Student:  Were you nervous in your maiden appearance?

Anchor:  Yes, in my maiden appearance I was nervous.

Student:  How did you get confidence then?

Anchor:  I prayed to God and got confidence.

Student: Which great hits have you anchored?

Anchor: I have anchored many hits on TV.

Student: Do you see the response of the viewers?

Anchor:  Yes, I open my e-mail box daily to see the response of the viewers.

Student: Have you ever received any bitter remarks?

Anchor: Many times I receive bitter criticism from some viewers.

Student: Do you think such remarks should be taken seriously?

Anchor: Yes, certainly. I always take the good points from this criticism.

Student: Thanks for this information.

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