Dialogue Writing in English Examples & Exercises- 17 & 18


Read the following dialogue between Sudha and her neighbour. Complete it by choosing and writing the right option out of the given ones in brackets. Do not copy the whole sentence.

Sudha   :    We (a) _________  (organising/organised/are organising ) a variety show. Would you help us in any way?

Radha: Why not? (b) _________ (I’d be glad/I will gladly/I will be gladly) to help you.

Sudha   :     I want you (c) _________ (enact/to enact / be enact) a small role in a skit.

Radha    :   (d) _________ (And I’ve never acted/But I’ve never act/But I’ve never acted) in my life.

Sudha: At times we do what we’ve never done in life.

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Exercise -18

Complete the dialogue by choosing the correct answers from the options given below:

Bhavesh: Your trouser is very fine. Please tell me (a) ……………

Kavish: I bought it from a showroom (b) …………

Bhavesh: Will you tell me (c) ……………

Kavish: It cost me nine hundred rupees.

(a)(i) why you bought it.                                  (ii) where did you buy it from?

 (iii) where you bought it from.                      (iv) when you bought it.

(b)(i) who is situated at Sarojini Nagar?       (ii) who is situated at Sarojini Nagar?

(iii) which is situated at Sarojini Nagar.        (iv) where is situated at Sarojini Nagar?

(c)(i) how much it cost you?                           (ii) how much did it cost you?

(iii) which it cost you?                                     (iv) how many it cost you?


(a) (iii)

(b) (iii),

(c) (i)

Download the above exercise in PDF (Printable Version)

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