Description English Example No.9 & 10

By | February 16, 2019

Description writing is an important part of English paragraph writing. You might be listening to the words of various descriptions like description of a person, description book so you might be searching for various description example, description English, descriptive essay, description example paragraph. Here we are providing the description of

Your school has recently shifted the school library to a spacious hall/block with many facilities and it draws more students thus promoting reading habit among students. You are A113, the school pupil leader. Write a factual description of the new library.

Ans.                                                     OUR NEW LIBRARY

(by Abhishek)

Our school has recently shifted its library to the new block, a spacious hall that can accommodate 200 students at a time. Aesthetically built and providing an ideal reading environment, it draws more students. It is promoting reading habit in a big way. The block is well ventilated. Methodically and neatly stacked books attract immediate attention. Big showcases display latest covers. Marble flooring is elegant and the seats are comfortable. It is an ideal place to sit for hours together and concentrate on reading. It’s ideal location away from the playground gives it peace and serenity, best suited for any library.

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 You are Rajesh/Rani of My Dreams School. A fully equipped and furnished Biology Laboratory has come up in your school. Your class teacher has asked you to write a factual description of the laboratory for the school half-yearly bulletin. Write the description in not more than 100 words.

 Ans.                                                    BIOLOGY LABORATORY

 A fully furnished and equipped biology laboratory has been set up in our school. It is on the second floor and is spacious, properly ventilated and designed to receive maximum natural light. The rows of marble slabs with the wash basins and the water taps go in L-shape along the way on two sides, to conduct experiments. On one side, there is a platform having a table and a chair and a blackboard fixed on the wall. Biological specimens, stuffed creatures and a human skeleton kept in glass cases are neatly displayed. The marble flooring of the room makes it elegant to look at. The set-up is excellent and lacks no facility.

Download the above Description in PDF (Printable)

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