Conversation Question and Dialogues No.- 6

By | July 2, 2021
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Imagine your brother met with an accident. You went to see him in the hospital. Your friend, Ankit, wants to know about his condition. Write down the conversation between you and Ankit.

 Ankit: Why did you go to the Civil Hospital?

You: I went to the Civil Hospital to see my brother.

 Ankit: What happened to him?

 You: He had met with an accident.

Ankit: Was any of his limbs broken?

You: Yes, his left arm was broken.

Ankit: How was he carried to the hospital?

 You: He was carried in an ambulance.

 Ankit: How was his arm?

You: His arm had been plastered.

Ankit: How long will he remain in the hospital?

 You: He will remain for two days in the hospital.

Ankit: Who will look after him?

You: My mother will look after him.

 Ankit: When will you go there again?

 You: I shall go there in the evening.

 Ankit: Will you take me with you?

 You: Yes, I shall take you with me.

 Ankit: How long will it take him to recover?

 You: He will recover in two months.

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