Conversation Question and Dialogues No.- 5

By | July 2, 2021
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 Suppose Abhishek has an English friend named Johnson who visited him and wanted to know about the Jama Masjid. Write down the conversation between Johnson and Abhishek.

 Johnson: Where is Jama Masjid situated?

Abhishek: It is situated in Delhi.

Johnson: Who built it?

 Abhishek: It was built by Shahjahan.

Johnson: Which great building does it face?

 Abhishek: It faces the Red Fort.

Johnson: On how many sides do we see steps?

Abhishek: We see steps on its three sides

Johnson: How long did it take to complete it?

Abhishek: It was completed in six years.

Johnson: From where do the people visit it?

 Abhishek: It is visited by the people from far and wide.

Johnson: Who prays in the Jama Masjid?

 Abhishek: The Muslims pray in it.

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