Conversation Question and Dialogues No.- 4

By | April 4, 2019

Conversation in English is a major step to learn the language. Considering this we are providing conversation questions, conversation dialogue and some English speaking conversation topics. These conversation topics for a teenager are going to help you to learn classroom English conversation. So here are some simple English conversation examples for basic English conversation dialogues.  This conversation text  can be used as spoken English questions and answers pdf and English grammar questions answers So find this

conversation between Rahul and Shubham which is a conversation about the Prize Distribution Function of his school


Imagine Rahul attended the Prize Distribution Function of his school. His friend Shubham wants to know about it. Write down the conversation between Rahul and Shubham.

Shubham: When did the Prize Distribution Function come off?

 Rahul: The Prize Distribution Function came off December.

Shubham: Who presided over the function?

Rahul: The Education Minister presided over the function.

Shubham: Where was he received?

 Rahul: He was received at the gate.

Shubham: Who sang a welcome song?

 Rahul: Some students sang a welcome song.

 Shubham: Was the pandal full?

 Rahul: Yes, the pandal was full.

Shubham: What did the Headmaster do at first?

Rahul: At first, the Headmaster read the annual report.

Shubham: Who gave away the prizes?

 Rahul: The Education Minister gave away the prizes.

Shubham: What kind of speech did he make?

 Rahul: He made a short speech.

Shubham: What did he Say to the prize-winners?

 Rahul: He congratulated the prize-winners.

 Shubham: How many prizes did you get?

Rahul: I got four prizes.

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