Conversation Question and Dialogues No.- 3

By | July 2, 2021


 Suppose your friend Sumit was travelling on a bus and his pocket was picked. His father wants to know about it. Write down the conversation between Sumit and his father.

 Sumit’s father: Where was the money?

Sumit: The money was in the purse.

 Sumit’s father: How much money was there in the purse?

 Sumit: Five hundred rupees were in the purse.

Sumit’s father: Where did you put the purse?

Sumit: I put it in the inner pocket of my coat.

 Sumit’s father: When did you find your pocket picked?

Sumit: When I got down from the bus I found my pocket picked.

Sumit’s father: Did you inform the police?

Sumit: Yes, I informed the police.

 Sumit’s father: What did they say?

 Sumit: They said, they would try to find out the pickpocket.

Sumit’s father: How did you come home?

Sumit: I came home in a taxi.

Sumit’s father: Do you know who travelled with you?

 Sumit: No, I do not know anyone who travelled with me.

Sumit’s father: Have you any hope of getting the money back?

 Sumit: No, I have no hope of getting the money back.

Sumit’s father: Do you blame anybody for the loss?

 Sumit: I blame nobody for the loss.

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