Conversation Question and Dialogues No.- 3

By | April 4, 2019

Conversation in English is a major step to learn the language. Considering this we are providing conversation questions, conversation dialogue and some English speaking conversation topics. These conversation topics for a teenager are going to help you to learn classroom English conversation. So here are some simple English conversation examples for basic English conversation dialogues.  This conversation text  can be used as spoken English questions and answers pdf and English grammar questions answers So find this conversation between Sumit and Sumit’s father which is a conversation about travelling on a bus and his pocket was picked


 Suppose your friend Sumit was travelling on a bus and his pocket was picked. His father wants to know about it. Write down the conversation between Sumit and his father.

 Sumit’s father: Where was the money?

Sumit: The money was in the purse.

 Sumit’s father: How much money was there in the purse?

 Sumit: Five hundred rupees were in the purse.

Sumit’s father: Where did you put the purse?

Sumit: I put it in the inner pocket of my coat.

 Sumit’s father: When did you find your pocket picked?

Sumit: When I got down from the bus I found my pocket picked.

Sumit’s father: Did you inform the police?

Sumit: Yes, I informed the police.

 Sumit’s father: What did they say?

 Sumit: They said, they would try to find out the pickpocket.

Sumit’s father: How did you come home?

Sumit: I came home in a taxi.

Sumit’s father: Do you know who travelled with you?

 Sumit: No, I do not know anyone who travelled with me.

Sumit’s father: Have you any hope of getting the money back?

 Sumit: No, I have no hope of getting the money back.

Sumit’s father: Do you blame anybody for the loss?

 Sumit: I blame nobody for the loss.

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