Conversation Question and Dialogues No.- 2

By | July 2, 2021
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Imagine that you went to the railway station to see off a friend. Your brother wanted to know what you saw there. Write the conversation between you and your brother.

Brother: Why did you go to the station?

 You: I went to see off a friend.

Brother: How did you go there?

 You: We went there in a taxi.

Brother: Was there rush at the booking-window?

 You: Yes, there was a great rush at the booking window.

Brother: Was there rush on the platform also?

You: There was a great rush on the platform also.

Brother: What were people doing at the platform?

 You: People were walking up and down the platform.

Brother: What were the porters doing?

 You: The porters were moving to and fro.

 Brother: How long had you to wait?

You: We had to wait for only ten minutes.

Brother: Did the train arrive on time?

 You: The tan arrived on time.

 Brother: When did you come back?

 You: I came to back after the departure of the train.

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