Conversation Question and Dialogues No.- 2

By | April 4, 2019

Conversation in English is a major step to learn the language. Considering this we are providing conversation questions, conversation dialogue and some English speaking conversation topics. These conversation topics for a teenager are going to help you to learn classroom English conversation. So here are some simple English conversation examples for basic English conversation dialogues.  This conversation text can be used as spoken English questions and answers pdf and English grammar questions answer So to find this

conversation between brother and you which is a conversation about the railway station to see off a friend.


Imagine that you went to the railway station to see off a friend. Your brother wanted to know what you saw there. Write the conversation between you and your brother.

Brother: Why did you go to the station?

 You: I went to see off a friend.

Brother: How did you go there?

 You: We went there in a taxi.

Brother: Was there rush at the booking-window?

 You: Yes, there was a great rush at the booking window.

Brother: Was there rush on the platform also?

You: There was a great rush on the platform also.

Brother: What were people doing at the platform?

 You: People were walking up and down the platform.

Brother: What were the porters doing?

 You: The porters were moving to and fro.

 Brother: How long had you to wait?

You: We had to wait for only ten minutes.

Brother: Did the train arrive on time?

 You: The tan arrived on time.

 Brother: When did you come back?

 You: I came to back after the departure of the train.

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