Conversation Question and Dialogues No.- 1

By | July 2, 2021


 Suppose Ram has just come out of the Examination Hall after finishing his paper. Another examinee named Sham has also come out. They talk to each about their examination. Write down their conversation.

Ram: How have you done your paper?

 Sham: I have done my paper well.

 Ram: Is the paper easy?

Sham: It is not so easy.

 Ram: Which question is difficult?

 Sham: Question No. IV is rather difficult.

Ram: Is your answer to this question to the point?

Sham: I think my answer to this question is also to the point.

 Ram: From where is the question set?

Sham: The question is set from Chapter II of the book.

Ram: Which question is confusing?

Sham: Question on ‘Fill in the blanks’ is confusing.

 Ram: What do you think about these two questions?

Sham: These two questions are out of the prescribed course.

Ram: What type of answers did you give to these questions?

 Sham: I gave rather poor answers to these questions.

 Ram: Are you satisfied with the answers you gave?

 Sham: On the whole, I am satisfied with the answers I gave.

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