Class VI Active and Passive Exercise-1 & 2

By | April 17, 2020

Active Voice and Passive Voice are directly not asked in class 6 in CBSE but they are asked in many forms like gap filling, editing and omission and sometimes rearranging sentences are also in passive voice. Passive meaning is basically where subject is not doing anything. Active passive voice is a topic worth learning because it covers more than 25% of the language. Considering this we are giving active and passive voice rules along with active and passive voice exercises pdf so that voice change should be easy for you. In order to explain this in a better way Edumantra provides active and passive voice examples with answers. Read the active passive voice rules and change active to passive voice and be perfect in voice grammar. Additionally active and passive voice worksheets are also available in pdf downloadable format. Find active and passive voice exercises with answers pdf and active and passive voice rules chart and get a deep insight of learning.


 Identify the voice and write in the space provided.                                   

1.The cat chased the mouse. ___________

2.The girls ate the cake. ___________     

3.The work was done by my mother. ___________

4.Nests are built in trees by birds. ___________ 

5.He bought a book. ___________

6.The wind uprooted the big tree. ___________

7.This shirt was stitched by Madhuri. ___________

8.The fairy waved a wand. ___________





Download the above Exercise in PDF


Rewrite the following sentences in the Passive Voice.

1.Mita sings a song.

2.Everyone loved Mother Teresa.

3.Children love the rainbow

4.The wolf chased the sheep.

5.Grandmother told us an interesting story.

6. Paramjeet drew a village scene.

7.Call in the doctor at once.

8. Gian made special Kashmir’ tea for everyone.


1.A song is sung by Mita.

2.Mother Teresa was loved by everyone.

3.The rainbow is loved by children.

4.The sheep was chased by the wolf.

5.An interesting story was told to us by grandmother.

6.A village scene was drawn by Paramjeet.

7.Let the doctor be called in at once.

8.special Kashmiri tea was made by Clan for everyone.

Download the above Exercise in PDF

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