Class 9 My Childhood Very Short Question Answers

By | February 25, 2023
Class 9 My Childhood Very Short Question Answers

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Class 9 My Childhood Question Answers

Very Short Answer Type Important Questions

1. Where was Abdul Kalam born?

Ans. He was born in the town of Rameswaram.

2. Write the names of Abdul Kalam’s parents.

Ans. The name of his father was Jainulabdeen and his mother’s name was Ashiamma.

3. Where was Abdul Kalam’s house located in Rameswaram?

Ans. His house was located in the Mosque street in Rameswaram.

4. How old was Abdul Kalam when the Second World War broke out?

Ans. At that time he was just eight years old.

 5. Name three close friends of Abdul Kalam.

Ans. Three close friends of Abdul Kalam were-Ramanadha Sastry, Aravindan and Sivaprakasan.

6. What could the new teacher not tolerate about Abdul Kalam?

 Ans. The new teacher could not tolerate a Muslim boy sitting with a Hindu priest’s son.

7. What was the name of Abdul Kalam’s science teacher?

 Ans. The name of Abdul Kalam’s science teacher was Sivasubramania lyer.

8. What did the science teacher’s wife refuse?

Ans. The science teacher’s wife refused to serve food to a Muslim boy in her kitchen.

9. When did the Second World War break out?

Ans. The Second World War broke out in 1939.

10. What did the new teacher in the 5th standard ask Abdul Kalam to do?

Ans. The new teacher asked him to sit on the last bench.