Class-9 Creative Paragraph Writing No.97

By | January 16, 2019

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97. Taking the information given below in the input, develop it into a paragraph (100-150 words). You can invent your own details.


Story ‘The Fun They Had’ — the year 2157 — no separate buildings — no human teacher — no printed books — e-books — TV screen — mechanical teacher — slot to put homework — no fun & romance of old schools — not same learning.

Ans.                                                                          Future Schools

The story ‘The Fun They Had’ deals with the ‘schools’ that will function in the year 2157. They will have no separate building. Only a bedroom will serve the purpose. The teachers will not be living human beings. There will be no printed books. They will become irrelevant. TV screens will have millions of books on them. The mechanical teacher will have a slot where homework and test papers will be put. Only the punch-code language will be used. All students will not learn the same thing. Hence, they will not be able to help each other. The mechanical teacher will be adjusted according to the mental level of each student. Without grand buildings and human teachers, the so-called ‘schools’ in future will lose the fun and romance of the good old schools.

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