61. Reading Skills Comprehension: Delhi Metro

By | July 29, 2020

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Delhi Metro

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:                          

When Delhi Metro wishes you a happy and safe journey, ifs with a firm belief that the ever-dependable Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is there to deal with any emergency.

 And while the CISF is entrusted with the task of securing the Metro — the lifeline of the capital — its quick-response team (QRT) is also kept on its toes by terror-related incidents and riot-like situations. The QRT is first to reach the spot and take immediate measures. It’s only later that the bomb disposal team and other reinforcements follow.

Moreover, CISF personnel demonstrated their excellence as a part of Delhi Metro’s foundation day celebrations at Shastri Park. Its women’s wing also demonstrated a variety of combat skills, after which the dog squad regaled the audience.

DMRC Managing Director Mangu Singh, the Chief Guest at the event, lauded the security measures at the Metro stations. He also presented an award of ? 1 lakh to the CISF on behalf of the DMRC.

“Checking more than 28 lakh passengers every day and maintaining high standards of the vigil is not easy. With the third phase (of Metro), the job will grow even more challenging,” Singh said.

 The enormity of the task at hand is evident if you consider the life of, say, Sub-Inspector DV Patil who even after an eight-hour shift is ready to swing into action if there’s any crisis: “Even a second can make a difference. Most times, we aren’t even aware of the magnitude of the crisis,” said Patil (29), who hails from Maharashtra. There are days when a series of incidents keep CISF men busy all through.

Another SI, MK Roy, from Kokrajhar in Assam, said the rigorous routine actually worked in his favour. “We undergo training in extreme conditions, be it heat, cold or high altitude. There are standard operating procedures for every situation and we train continuously,” said Roy. A senior CISF officer said that of the 6,000-strong Metro security, just 400 made it to the QRT. The selected personnel are sent for special training sessions that last 2-3 months. Each team has three constables, headed by an SI. Armed with sophisticated weapons and Glocks, and equipped with bullet-proof vests, they are trained to ensure minimum destruction and loss of life in an emergency.

“For busy and most important stations, we have dedicated QRTs. At other stations, the team carries out anti-sabotage checks and random raids several times a day,” the officer said. (Source: Times City)

On the basis of your reading of the above passage, complete the following sentences with appropriate words/phrases:                                                              

1. When Delhi Metro wishes you a safe and happy journey, it has a firm belief that CISF is thereto

2. The quick response team of CISF is also kept on its toes by terror-related incidents and

3. The quick response team is and take immediate measures.

4. passengers every day and maintaining a high vigil of the standard is not

5. They undergo training in extreme conditions, be it

6. Out of 6,000-strong Metro security, only

7. The selected personnel are sent for special training that lasts

8. They are trained to ensure in an emergency.


1.deal with any emergency

2. riot-like situations

3. first to reach the spot

4. Checking more than 28 lakh easy

5. heat, cold or high altitude

6. 400 made it to the QRT

7. for 2-3 months

8. minimum destruction and loss of life

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