95. Reading Skills Comprehension: Green Revolution

By | July 8, 2021
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Green Revolution

Read the passage and answer the following questions:-

1. For many years, after we got our independence, food production went on decreasing steadily. This was mainly because of drought and floods, and neglect of agriculture during the first three Five-Year plan periods. The population also increased at a high rate.

2. A great improvement was made in agriculture in 1967-68. It is popularly known as the ‘Green Revolution’. The farmers now follow new methods of farming. One such is the Japanese method of cultivation. New high-yielding varieties of rice, wheat and other grains have been developed in our research institutes.

3. These new grains need more water and more fertilizers than the old ones. So, large irrigation facilities have been made. New dams have been built and canals dug. Pump-sets have been erected by the farmers for irrigation. Fertilizers are produced in factories in large quantities. Tractors, harvesters, and threshers are also used. All this has greatly increased food production in our country. We no longer need to import food grain from foreign countries.

4. But the green revolution has its negative side. It increased the pollution levels and degradation of land. Due to the change in land use pattern and employing two and three crop rotation every year, land quality has gone down and yield has suffered. Use of heavy chemical fertilizer resulted in land becoming hard and carbon material has gone down. Due to heavy crop rotation pattern, we do not give rest to land nor have we time to employ proper weed removal system which has increased weeds.

5. Another degradation is mindless use of pest. Pests which we used to control by bio-degradable methods have become resistant to many pesticides and now these chemical pesticides have become non-effective. The greatest effect is the loss of biodiversity. Due to the heavy use of chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers we have lost many birds and friendly insects and this is a big loss in the long-term.

1 Attempt any eight of the following questions on the basis of the passage you have read:

(i) What is the Green Revolution?

(ii) Why was there a scarcity of foodgrains during the first three five-year plans periods?

 (iii) What was the immediate initiation of the Green Revolution?

(iv) When did population increase rapidly in India?

 (v) Why does our country not import food grains from other countries?

(vi) What is the negative effect of the Green Revolution?

 (vii) What big loss is a matter of great concern for us?

(viii) How did Research Institutes contribute to Green Revolution?

(ix) Find the word in para 4 which means the same as ‘lower in value’.


(i)Green Revolution is the great improvement made in the field of agriculture.

(ii) During these periods there were frequent droughts and floods. Agriculture was also neglected.

(iii) The development of high yielding grains was the immediate initiation of the Green Revolution.

(iv) Population increased rapidly in India during the first three five-year plan periods.

(v) The Green Revolution has greatly increased food production in our country. So, we need not import food grains from other countries.

(vi) Green Revolution has increased weeds level and degraded the quality of our lands.

 (vii) The loss of biodiversity is a matter of great concern for us.

(viii) Research Institutes developed high yielding varieties of seeds.

 (ix) Degradation

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