43. Reading Skills Comprehension: Fantasy Sport

By | July 29, 2020

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Fantasy Sport

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:                             

 Fantasy sport, where you play the virtual selector of a live game, collect points according to the actual performance of the players and win a prize, is making its mark in India. Ball, a mobile app, is the latest to tap the market.

Ball, a Singapore-based micro fantasy and fan engagement platform, launched its operations in Asia starting with India. Unlike traditional fantasy sports/games, Ball has introduced a new way to play—rapid-fire micro gaming to predict the next wicket in a cricket match or the next over of the game—and has replaced monetary prizes with money-can’t-buy experiences like opportunities to hang out with sports celebrities, in this case, Harbhajan Singh, the company’s first brand ambassador in India.

The ball will launch soccer and basketball games in China, Thailand and Vietnam. The company has received $4 million in seed capital to date.

Sam Jones, founder and chief executive of Balk was in India to announce the launch. In an interview, Jones spoke about online fan engagement for sport in India and why it’s a lucrative opportunity waiting to be unleashed.

 I think there are nearly a billion phone accounts in India of which 30% are smartphones.

The world has become consumed with the use of their mobile phones, they are addicted to it. And I realized that’s the business I should be in.

One of the other trends I saw was that people use their mobile phone not only for news and communication but also to escape into a virtual world through games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

The third thing I noticed was the explosion of the sport. Sport is the ultimate panacea in terms of connecting people. It breaks down languages and cultures.

 I looked at these trends and digging up deeper into the world of sport I saw in the US fantasy sport had become a huge phenomenon. Taking in more revenue than the gambling money at stake at Las Vegas by a multiple of five.

We looked at this model and we thought it was really interesting but the Asian consumer behaves much more rapidly on the mobile phone and we felt that this model needed adapting for the Asian marketplace. So we started building Ballr.

The final trend which we threw into our business was how design thinking had totally disrupted certain industries. If you look at Tinder it has a billion swipes a day and it created a whole wave of similar apps. It’s about being able to connect with people just with a single swipe. Same as Uber

. So we looked at all these things and said how we can do something in sport all through for mobile that’s global that’s using the fantasy sports concept but simplifying it so it was available for the masses.


I. Answer briefly:

1. What is a fantasy sport?

2. What is the modem trend of the people in regard to their use of mobile phones?

3. What is the condition of fantasy sports in the US?

4. What is the ultimate aim of Ballr in designing?

II. Choose the most appropriate meanings of the given words/phrases from the options provided:


 (a) predict                              (b) telling about the past 

(c) telling about the present   (d) understand

2. final

(a) ultimate                             (b) last 

(c) first                                    (d) ending

3. that cusses all diseases

 (a) medicine                           (b) tonic

(c) dose                                   (d) panacea

4. concept

 (a) an idea                              (b) imagination 

(c) guess                                  (d) think


I.1.A fantasy sport is a game or sport in which you choose players to make your own imaginary team, and score points easily according to the actual performance of the players.

2. The modem trend is that people not only use their mobile phones for news and communication but also to escape into a virtual world of fantasy games.

3. Fantasy sports have become a huge phenomenon in the US. They earn five times more revenue than the gambling money at stake at Las Vegas.

4. The ultimate aim of Ballr in designing is to connect people just with a single swipe.

II. 1. (a)predict

2. (a)ultimate 

3.(d) panacea 

4.(c)an idea 

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