6. Unseen Poem Comprehension for Class 8

By | March 27, 2020

Unseen Poem comprehension is an important part of learning English. We are providing unseen poem for class 8. Go through the following unseen poem with questions and answers for class 8 and be perfect in poetry comprehension.  We guarantee that this is the best poem comprehension for grade 8. Downloadable unseen poem worksheet is also available. Let’s Dive in-


Read the following poem carefully:                                                                                                                                   

Freedom is the right to do
Anything that pleases you,
As long as you keep in sight
That others also have a right
Have you the right to kill a cat?
Oh no! It’s wrong, just consider that
The cat has the right to live like you
A right to eating and drinking too!
So remember that it’s certainly wrong
To deprive a nightingale its song
To cheat the poor people, as rich men do
To rob the innocent, as robbers do.

On the basis of the reading of the poem tick the answer to the following questions:

1)What is freedom?

a)the wrong                          b)the right                               c)the correct                                           d)none of these.

2)What do the rich men do?

a)cheat the poor people    b)hate the poor people         c)like the poor people                           d)none of these.

3)What do the robbers do?

a)cheat the innocent          b)rob the innocent                 c)respect the innocent                          d)none of these.

4)What is the right of the cat?

a)to respect like us            b)to hate like us                        c)to live like us                                      d)none of these.

5)Find the synonym of ‘liberty’ from the poem?

a)independence                  b)freedom                                  c)fight                                                     d)none of these

Download the above Poem in PDF (Printable)

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