13. Unseen Poem Comprehension for Class 8

By | July 12, 2021
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Read the given poem carefully.


 I have heard
There is a law of the jungle
I have heard when the lion has eaten his fill
He never attacks
He goes to lie under dense shady trees
And when the rough gusts
Shake branches of trees
The mynah leaving her own young
Covers the frail crow’s eggs
With her protective wings.
I have heard
When any bird-young frills out of the nest
The entire jungle wakes to rescue.
I have heard
When the weaver bird’s nest
Reflects on the lake
The silvery fishes adopt it as a neighbour.
And if a rough storm breaks the foot-bridge.
Then on a wooden plank
Squirrel, snake, gout and cheetah walk in a file.
I have heard
There is a law of the jungle
0 God, All-Powerful. All Seeing. All-Wise.
In this my city
Proclaim a law,
Even the law of the jungle,

—Translated from Urdu by Syeda Hameed


Answer the following questions briefly.

1. What does the poet mean to say by the law of the jungle?

2. What happens when the strong wind blows in the jungle?

3. What do the animals do when the footbridge breaks due to rough weather?

4. What is the poet’s wish in the last lines?

5. What metre has been used in writing this poem?

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