4. Reading Skills Comprehension: The Lord Has No Fixed Form


Read the following passage carefully:                                                                                    

There was an artist who had travelled far and wide and had an extensive reputation. But so far he had not achieved access to Krishna! As such he was anxious to seek approbation from Lord Krishna as well. Luckily, one day he got an appointment with Krishna, met Him and requested Him to stay still so that he could paint His picture.H e prepared the outline and told Krishna that he would get ready with the final painting in a week’s time. Krishna knew the ego of the painter. After a week, the painter brought a finished portrait, covered with a white cloth.                        When he uncovered the painting, the painter himself was shocked to find the lack of similarity between Krishna and the painting. The painter was completely shaken and asked for another week to get the job done. The painter tried several times but each time the result was equally disappointing. In complete frustration and total dejection, he wanted to leave the city and go away. Before he left he chanced upon sage Narada. Narada told him that it was silly to attempt to paint the picture of Lord Krishna. The Lord has no fixed form and he can change His face every second. Narada advised ’If you want to paint Him, I will tell you a way which will enable you to do so.’ Narada whispered something into the ear of the artist. Following the advice was given by Narada, the painter came back with a white cloth covering something and again approached Krishna and told Him that this time, he is welcome to change to any form. The painting under all circumstances will look exactly like Him when the cloth was removed, Krishna saw only a mirror and this mirror produced an exact replica of Krishna. Therefore, from this story, we deduce that one cannot imagine God to be in a particular form. Neither can one describe God. Make your mind clear, clean and unbiased like a mirror, fill it with love and devotion; that itself will enable you to have a true vision of God.

Choose the most appropriate option out of the following:                                                                                         (i)What was the desire of the artist?

(a)To meet Lord Krishna    (b)to seek his help    

(c)to paint his picture         (d)All of these.

 (ii)Why did the Lord test the painter?

(a)He had an extensive reputation                                (b)he was anxious to meet Krishna

(c)he had travelled far and wide                                  (d) he was egoistic and arrogant

(iii)What did the painter bring after a week?

(a)A finished painting of Lord Krishna covered with white cloth    (b)some fruits                          

 (c)a portrait in black cloth                                                                       (d)none of the above.

(iv)What did sage Narada advice?

(a)The Lord has no fixed form                                          (b)That he was silly to try and attempt to do so.

 (c)To produce a mirror                                                      (d) All of the above.

(v)Why was the painter unable to draw the portrait?

(a)He failed as an artist                        

(b)The lord has no fixed form

(c)he lacked the purity of mind and his heart was devoid of             

(d) all of the above

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