English Informal Letter Writing Format, Topics, Example & Sample-6

By | December 29, 2019

If you are thinking how to write an informal letter, you are at a right place. Edumantra.net provides informal letter format including informal letter example and samples which are likely to cover several informal letter writing topics. After going through the following page you will surely get answer of your question to how to write informal letter. Some informal letter samples are displaying well the format of informal letter in English. If we talk about CBSE formal education it is only asked only in classes 6, 7 and 8th. The following can be used as informal letter format cbse class 8and other remaining classes.

Your cousin is a brilliant student but he is not keeping good health because he avoids homemade food and is very fond of eating outside. Write a letter telling him/her about the harmful effects of junk food and advising him/her to maintain good health is not more than 100 words. You are Arpit/Arpita of C-8, Lawrence Road, New Delhi.


C-8. Lawrence Road.

 New Delhi

14th July. 20….

 Dear Sunita,

 I am hale and hearty here and I hope to be the same from you. In your letter, you talked about your standing worries about not keeping good health. You have also pointed out that most of the time of the day you are away from home. I remember you generally avoid homemade food and you are very fond of eating outside. Their lies your carelessness about your health. The homemade food which is always good for health but you avoid it. The outside food you enjoy the most but it is not good for your health. It’s quality, its preparation, the material used, arc all substandard because the seller’s profits are rated high. Sub quality food will, of course, harm your body. You can’t keep fit. My sincere advice to you is to avoid eating outside food. Always eat homemade food. Carry your lunch with you. 1 guarantee you will develop sound health. Please convey my compliments to uncle and aunt and love to Pooja.

Yours truly,


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