Class-7 2. Speech Writing : ‘Hazards of Smoking’

By | February 12, 2019

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An unknown number of people die due to diseases related to tobacco consumption. Smoking harms passive smokers more. We see evil but raise no voice against it. How cowardly! How ironical! Write a speech on ‘Hazards of Smoking’ for your school morning assembly.

Ans. Respected teachers and dear friends

Hazards of smoking’ is my topic today. A sight in our canteen shocked me when I saw some students smoking with their eyes closed. Don’t we know that many meet premature death due to diseases related to tobacco consumption?

Smoking harms passive smokers more. All anti-smoking campaigns have failed. Friends, do not imitate celebrities and actors and throw out the rings of smoke from your mouth.

Smoking causes respiratory diseases, lung cancer and damage body organs. Are we not responsible for encouraging smoking? We see teachers, passengers, elders smoking. People smoke in public places. Is it not a fact that we are gutless and cowardly as we do not raise any voice against smoking?

We must point out if somebody is smoking. Illiterate smokers should be made aware of the hazards of smoking. But remain cool because we are fighting evil. Down with smoking. Kick away lady nicotine even if she is charming. Thanks.

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