14. Speech Writing: `Hitch-Hiking’

By | April 6, 2020

Writing speech in English is a difficult task. You must be thinking how to start a speech of introduction or so. We are here with speech writing format and speech examples read these speech examples which could be used as topics for speech in school assembly. Use it as morning assembly speech or consider them as general topics for speech in English but they are very useful. These are specially assembly topics for class 8. Read these short speeches and be ready for morning assembly topics

Youngsters are adventurous and bubble with life. They always want new adventures. But adventure and misadventure have a hairline difference. Youngsters have zeal and zest but no discerning power. Students knowingly miss school buses or public buses and stand by the side of the road and indulge in hitch-hiking. Girls become the victims of unscrupulous persons who give them a lift. Write a speech on the topic `Hitch-Hiking’ to be read in the morning assembly.

Ans. Respected Teachers and Friends,

Today I am here to touch upon a topic that concerns all of us. It is hitch-hiking. Students are adventurous and they bubble with life. In their zeal and zest, they experiment with new things. Being inexperienced, they fail to distinguish between adventure and misadventure. Youngsters knowingly miss buses and want to enjoy a free lift in cars. They raise their thumbs up to stop cars to enjoy free rides. This is adventurous for them. Have you forgotten the unfortunate episode of Chopra children? Just a few days ago one girl student was sexually assaulted in a car that gave her a lift. I think our memory is short-lived. Hitch-hiking is an avoidable evil. Unscrupulous persons remain ready with their cars to give a lift to students. Don’t you feel hitch-hiking is risky in these times? Remember villains always look decent and keep smiling. Our safety is in our own hands. Down with hitch-hiking. Thanks.

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