Class-4 Creative Paragraph No.12

By | July 3, 2021

12. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     A JOURNEY BY TRAIN

Last month, I went to Delhi. My uncle lives there. He invited me. I went there by train. I packed my luggage. I took a rickshaw and reached the station. There was a long queue at the booking office. I bought a ticket. I went to the platform. There was a great rush. Soon the train reached there. I got on the train. I got a seat. It was near the window. Then the train started. I looked out of the window. I saw green fields. Farmers were working. The cattle were grazing. After an hour, the train reached Rohtak. At Bahadurgarh I took tea. At last the train reached Delhi. My uncle had come to the station to receive me. We took an auto-rickshaw and reached home.

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