86. Reading Skills Comprehension: FOOD WASTAGE AT WEDDINGS

By | February 24, 2020

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Read the passage given below.

One of the disheartening sights at a wedding venue is the kilos of food scraped off plates and the into bins. While there are groups of volunteers working towards food waste management, in wedding there is an increasing number of couples coming forward to reduce food wastage when they get math Wedding planners and caterers in the capital say that it has now become an important part of checklist and that they are being asked by clients to include food management as a service and a mandatory part of the pack. If the wedding planners fail to take care of the leftover food, coup themselves reach out to NGOs that come to the wedding venture, collect the excess food and distribute it among the needy and homeless.

Other couples say that as part of the money spent on the wedding, a part is kept aside on clearing o the trash. Hence while researching out the best caterers, wedding planners and makeup artists, the couples also keep looking out for volunteers and NGOs who could clear up the extra food. Such N exist in Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. When the wedding guests have left, they arrive at the buffet area to collect the leftover food and distribute it among the homeless. Not confined to the main wedding function, they also arrive for the minor ceremonies such as the sangeet and the Mehendi and even the post-wedding functions. Also, they put up posters at the wedding site telling people not to waste food. According to one of the caterers, in around 40% of weddings, clients are more than happy to conic on board when the concept of disposal of extra food is explained to them. Clients also prefer this food disposal system as the venue remains clean and the clients do not have to pay extra to have the food thrown away.

With the increasing demand for such facilities, some caterers are also arranging storage facilities for their clients to be used after the wedding. Caterers concede that such an arrangement means an extra effort on their part as they have to learn new techniques of food preservation, be it summer, winter or the monsoon. Thus even if the caterers do not come across needy people at night the food can be stored and distributed conveniently later. Clients, on their part, do not just want a distribution of the extra food but also demand quality-wise 100% fitness of the food distributed.

Usually, the margin of excess at weddings is huge. Thus some caterers are now keeping a separate section where, whatever amount of food is left, is stored. Others coordinate with a few orphanages in advance where the food can be distributed. Clients even ask volunteer organizations to refer them to caterers who have facilities for storage and who will undertake distribution of the leftover food after the feast.

 (a)On the basis of your reading of the above passage make notes on it, using headings and subheadings. Use recognizable abbreviations (wherever necessary — a minimum of four) and a format you consider suitable. Also, supply an appropriate title to it.

 (b) Write a summary of the passage in about 80 words.


I. Food wastage at weddings

(i) the disheartening sight of kilos scraped into bins

 (ii) couples coming fwd to checking food wastage

 (iii) important agenda for wedding planners

(iv) sometimes mandatory part of the pack

 (v) NGOs coming fwd to carry out the task

II. Couples keep aside part of wedding expenditure

(i)for clearing away trash

 (ii) search for volunteers for collecting extra food

 (iii) services avail’le at Chennai, Hyd, Del

 (iv) volunteers arrive post-wedding

 (v) nature of services extended

(vi) A. bring their own volunteers

B. even cover mehndi, Sangeet & post-wedding

C. hang posters about not wasting food at the venue

 III. Initiatives by caterers include

(i)services for food storage to use after the wedding

(ii) welcomed by clients

 (iii) area remains clean

IV. Pressure on caterers

(i)forcing them to learn food preservation techniques

(ii) clients demand 100% fitness of food distributed

(iii) caterers allocate sep section for food storage

 (iv) coord with orphanages for taking away extra food

(v) client preference for such service providers

Key to Abbreviations
fwd                                forward

 avail’le                         available

 Hyd                               Hyderabad

 Del                                Delhi

&                                   and

sep                                separate

 coord                          coordination

 (b) Summary

 With couples coming forward to check food wastage at weddings, this is becoming an import’ part of the planning agenda. NGOs are pitching in and collecting leftover food for distribution to the needy, homeless and orphanages. Couples are setting aside a part of wedding expenditure for, trash clearance and availing volunteer services for food collection. Initiatives by caterers include storage of leftover food ensuring quality preservation, scheduled for later use and orphanage distribution, as client preference increases for such facilities.

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