Class 11 & 12 Notice 4,5 & 6

By | November 29, 2019

If you are searching how to write a notice you are on the right website. gives you notice writing format, notice writing topics, notice writing examples. Notice writing, notice letter or short notice writing will be easy for you with us. The same level remains in notice writing for class 11 & 12 notice writing for class 11 & 12, notice writing for class 11 & 12. Let’s dive into draft notice letter- 

4. Draft an obituary for Mr Vijay Anand on behalf of his family.



12 October 20XX


 With pr ofound grief and deep regret, we inform the sudden demise of Mr Vijay Anand on 12 October 20XX. The last rites will be performed at Lodhi Road Crematorium at 3 p.m. on 13.

Deeply Mourned by

Shikha (wife)

Mitali (daughter)

Nitish (Son)

Phone No. 9820XXXXXX 

Download the above Notice in PDF (Printable)

5. You are head boy/head girl of ABC Public School. Draft a notice to be put up on the noticeboard inviting the students to volunteer for the Blood Donation Camp which is going to be organized in your school by Rotary Club. Invent the necessary details.



ABC Public School, Ranchi

10 July 20XX

Volunteer For Blood Donation Camp

 All the students are hereby informed that a blood Blood Donation Camp is being organized by the Rotary Club of New Delhi on 31 July 20XX from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the school. Some volunteers are required to help the donors and the doctors. All those who are interested to volunteer their services for the noble cause contact the undersigned within 2 days.


(Head Girl)

Download the above Notice in PDF (Printable)

 6. You are Raghav/Reema, Secretary of the cultural society of your school. Your society is organizing a dance drama “Gandhi — a Sage”. Write a notice for the school noticeboard, informing the students about it giving all necessary details.



SBS School Rishikesh

15 September 20XX

Dance Drama Presentation

It is to inform all the students that the cultural society of the school is presenting a dance drama “GANDHI — A SAGE” on 1 October 20XX at 5:00 p.m. in the school auditorium. All are invited with the family. Passes are available at the school reception. For any other detail contact the undersigned.


Raghav (Secretary)




Download the above Notice in PDF (Printable)


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