Class 11 & 12 Notice 37,38 & 39

By | November 29, 2019

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37. Your school (Amer Vidyalaya’) is organising a cultural evening to collect funds for the slum children. The Education Minister has consented to be the Chief Guest on the occasion. Draft a notice about it to be displayed on your school notice board. You are the school Head Boy / Head Girl.

15 September. 200—.



Our school has decided to organise a cultural evening to collect funds for the children of slum dwellers. The Education Minister has very kindly consented to grace the occasion with his presence. The programme will be held on the 27th in the school hall, from 6.00 to 8.00 p.m. All are invited to come.


(Head Girl)


Download the above Notice in PDF (Printable)

38. You are the Sports Captain of King’s Public School. Write a notice in fifty words for the school notice-board informing law students about the Inter-School Basketball match to be played. (Give all necessary details of the match.)

10 March 200—.




This is to inform all the students of the school that the final match of the Inter-School Basketball Competition will be played on our school grounds on Monday, the 20th of this month. The match will be played between our school and the New Model School. The match will start at 2 p.m. sharp. All are cordially invited to witness this match and give our players a cheering hand.

 Radhey Shyam

Sports Captain


Download the above Notice in PDF (Printable)

39. You have lost a golden chain in the school grounds. Write a notice for the ‘Lost and Found’ notice-board of your school. Add to the notice: ‘Finder will be richly rewarded’.

6 March 200—.


 While playing in the school grounds during the recess period I dropped my golden chain somewhere. Besides being valuable the chain has a great emotional value for me. The finder is requested to return it to me or deposit it with the school office. A rich cash reward is promised.

Anil Dhawan

Roll No. 725



Download the above Notice in PDF (Printable)

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