Chapter 9- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 9: Summary- WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON (the inconvenient course is deeply regretted)

Q1. Why did Griffin choose Marvel? Did Marvel prove his worth?

Ans. After running away from the Iping village, the Invisible Man was filled with murderous rage. He was hungry and without shelter or clothes in the biting cold. It was then that he spotted Mr Thomas Marvel. He perceived Marvel to be an outcast like him and thought that he could be of great help to him. He wanted Marvel to help him get food, clothing and shelter, and above all, he needed his help in retrieving his books and belongings from the inn. The Invisible Man promised him rewards for his services. Marvel was eager to help Griffin at first, but when the latter became threatening, he tried to escape. Griffin threatened him of dire consequences if he tried to cheat him. However, Marvel was an opportunist. He tried to run away from him at Iping but was caught. He also tried to reveal the Invisible Man’s secret to a mariner at Port Stowe. He managed to escape from Griffin at Burdock, with three of his invaluable books and all the money he had stolen during his journey from Iping to Burdock. Thus, we can conclude that he was a poor sidekick and one of the main reasons for Griffin’s death.

 Q2. Describe Marvel as an opportunist.

Ans. In the novel The Invisible Man, it is Marvel who really comes across as an opportunist and becomes Griffin’s beneficiary. After Griffin’s death. He is now the owner of the three books of Griffin documenting his research and the money he had stolen. Marvel opens an inn and quite shrewdly calls him The Invisible Man. He tells stories about Griffin and thus gets more and more customers. Unknown to others, he hides Griffin’s books of the secret of invisibility formulae and often views them gleefully in secret. Perhaps he is waiting for the right customer who will pay him the best price for the books. Ironically the genius Griffin died a miserable death while the stupid and destitute Marvel rose to riches.

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