Chapter 6- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 6: Summary (The Furniture that Went Mad)

The Halls were preparing for the Club festival and thus, they had woken up early in the morning. Mr Hall went back upstairs to get some sarsaparilla to dilute the beer. He was astonished to see the main door with the bolts drawn back even though he was sure that he had securely bolted it the night before. Further on, he found that the stranger’s door was also open and there was no one in the room. Mrs Hall came up to inspect. On her way up, she heard someone sneeze. She thought that Mr Hall had sneezed and on the other hand, Mr Hall thought that it was she who had sneezed. She entered the stranger’s room and saw the bed was cold and had not been slept on and all the clothes he possessed strewn carelessly around the room. The stranger was nowhere to be seen.

While the couple was contemplating on their next step, the bedclothes gathered themselves and jumped headlong over the bottom rail. Then the stranger’s cap sprang up and dashed towards Mrs Hall’s face. The other things also started to come to life and then the furniture started attacking the couple. A chair rose in the air and pushed Mrs Hall out of the room. She fainted and accused the Stranger of having put spirits in her furniture which appeared to have suddenly come alive. The Halls send for Mr Sandy Wadgers, the blacksmith a resourceful man. Mr Huxter and his apprentice also joined in. They were hesitant to enter the room. Then suddenly the stranger appeared from the room. He came down the stairs and rudely slammed the door on their faces. MrWadgers told Mr Hall to ask the stranger for an explanation. Mr Hall gathered some courage and went to confront him but the stranger shouted at him and demanded to be left alone.

Q1. What had happened to Mrs Hall’s furniture? What did the Halls see in the stranger’s room?

Ans. It was the early hours of Whit Monday, the Halls woke up to attend a private matter. They were going to add sarsaparilla to their beer to ensure that it covered the taste of their watered-down beer. Mr Hall went upstairs to get the bottle and was surprised to see that the stranger’s door was ajar. Then he found the front door open which they had bolted last night. Curiously, he knocked at the door of the room but the room was empty. He called Mrs Hall up. All the stranger’s clothes were lying about. Mrs Hall touched them and concluded from the coldness that the stranger had been out for long. Just then, the bedclothes gathered themselves aside. The stranger’s hat attacked Mrs Hall’s face. The chair jumped, came to life and charged at Mrs Hall’s face. The chair threw the couple outside. Mrs Hall thought that her furniture was haunted and it was the stranger who had put spirits in them.

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