Chapter 5- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 5: Summary (The Burglary at the Vicarage)

It was the early hours around four in the morning when Mrs Bunting was suddenly awakened. She felt she heard a sound perhaps of the door of their bedroom being opened and closed. Then she heard the sounds of someone’s footsteps. She assumed that a burglar had entered her house, so she woke up her husband, Mr Bunting. They both went down the stairs with Mr Bunting leading the way, holding a poker in his hand. They heard someone in the study. Both husband and wife moved towards the study cautiously. They could hear the rustle of papers. Then a candle was lit in the study, but no one was visible. Mr Bunting reached near the study. From the crack of the door, he could see the open drawers and the lit candle, but there was no burglar to be seen. Then they heard the chink of money. Realising that the robber had found the gold coins, Mr Bunting barged into the room. They were certain that someone was there, but found no one. They searched the room and found that their money was gone. At that moment, there was a sneeze in the passage. Mr Bunting ran in the direction of the sound but all he heard was the kitchen door being opened and closed. However, there was no one in the house.

Q1. Give an account of the burglary that took place at Mr Bunting’s house.


 Give an account of the burglary that took place on the early hours of Whit Monday.


Describe the burglary that took place at the vicarage.

Ans. In the wee hours of Whit Monday, Mrs Bunting was woken up by a strong feeling that the door of the bedroom had been opened and closed. She was sure that there was an intruder in the house so she woke Mr Bunting up. Mr Bunting, the vicar, armed himself with a poker stick and went down the stairs, followed by his wife. The couple could hear the drawers in the study being opened and the rustle of papers. A match was also lit. Mr Bunting peeped in, but he could spot no one. Suddenly, they heard the clink of money and realised that the burglar had found their reserve of money. Mr Bunting barged into the room only to find the room absolutely empty. They were bewildered. There was a lit candle in the room but the money was gone, and there was no one in the room. Then they ran towards the sound of someone sneezing coming from the kitchen but not a soul was to be found. The burglar appeared to have escaped through the back-door via the kitchen. The Buntings saw the kitchen door open, and close on its own without any visible person.

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