Chapter 18- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

RIOTER 18: Summary (The Invisible Man Sleeps)

Griffin made sure that the bedroom was secure. Dr Kemp assured him that he would not turn him in. Griffin then went off to sleep in his house. Dr Kemp was still in doubt, but the Invisible Man was an undeniable fact. He tried to reason if such a thing was even possible. He had earlier thought that the story was a mere fabrication and nothing else. He could not sleep. Griffin had taken over his bedroom. He searched the newspapers to find more facts than Griffin had given. The top story was about the dangerous Invisible Man. He also found about his little accomplice, Marvel. He understood that Griffin was murderous. The servants woke up and Dr Kemp asked for breakfast to be laid for two and asked them to stay away from his room. He was going through a dilemma. He wanted to inform someone about his presence, but then he had also given Griffin his word. He wrote a note for Colonel Adye. Just then Griffin woke up and Dr Kemp heard a tumbler being smashed. He rushed upstairs to check on Griffin.

Q1. Who was Dr Kemp’s unexpected guest? What worried Dr Kemp about his arrival? What does he decide to do?

Ans. Dr Kemp’s unexpected guest was the Invisible Man. He was worried due to several reasons. Firstly, the guest was unexpected and his presence proved that the Invisible Man was a reality and not a fabricated story. Secondly, he was injured and Dr Kemp was curious to know the reason for his injury. Thirdly, all the news that he had read m the newspapers about the Invisible Man was not encouraging as they described him as being a dangerous man on the loose. And most importantly he did not know what to do with him because he had promised the man that he would not turn him into the police but he knew he had to inform the police about his presence in his house. Therefore, he decides to send a note to Colonel Adye, the Chief of Police of Burdock.

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