Chapter 17- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 17: Summary (Dr Kemp’s Visitor)

Dr Kemp was in his study when he heard shots being fired at the Jolly Cricketers. He brushed it aside and went to his writing desk. After an hour, the front-door bell rang. Dr Kemp thought that it was a letter as he could hear no one coming in. He enquired and his housemaid replied that it was just a runaway ring. Dr Kemp worked till 2 am and then went to bed. After a while, he felt thirsty and came to the kitchen. On his way down, he spotted a dark stain on the mat. It was drying blood. He was too absorbed in his thoughts to take much notice. However, he again noticed that the doorknob of his bedroom was bloodstained. Inside his room, there was blood at many places and the sheets were torn. He also heard his name being called. He also saw a bloodstained bandage hanging in mid-air. Then, the Voice took his name. The Voice introduced himself as the Invisible Man. Initially, Dr Kemp had a hard time believing the Voice. But then the Invisible Man told him that he was an old acquaintance — Griffin; they had known each other in college. It took some time before Dr Kemp to register all this. Griffin told Dr Kemp that he was starving and asked for whiskey, food and clothing. Dr Kemp wanted to know how he became invisible. But Griffin kept dodging his questions. He also demanded a cigar. Dr Kemp kept shooting questions at Griffin. Griffin retaliated that he was too tired to tell the story and wanted to sleep.

Q1. What convinced Dr Kemp of the presence of the Invisible Man in his bedroom?

Ans. WhenDr Kemp decided to go to bed at around two o’clock; he was feeling thirsty and walked down to the kitchen. Near the stairs, he found a dark spot and wondered what it was. He was overwrought with thoughts. He touched the stain and realized it was drying blood. When he came to his room, he found that the door handle of his own room was blood-stained. His room was also in a mess and there was more blood on the bedclothes and the bed appeared to be depressed as if someone had been recently sitting there. Then, he heard his own name being taken and heard a movement across the room. An `eerie feeling’ took over him convincing him of the presence of the Invisible Man in his room.

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