Chapter 16- SILAS MARINER Summary Notes and Extra Questions

By | November 21, 2018

The following page is dedicated to the executive Summary Notes and Extra Questions of SILAS MARINER.  The summary is designed like analysis of all chapters SILAS MARINER. These notes of the novel SILAS MARINER, and important as well as hard question answers, book summary, extra questions, explanation, long question answers, as a science fiction,  will surely help you to gain confidence. SILAS MARINER by George Eliot pdf downloadable file is also available. Kindly dive in for Chapter 16  of SILAS MARINER by the author George Eliot

CHAPTER 16: Summary

Sixteen years had elapsed since Silas had adopted Eppie. The villagers came from church. Among them was Godfrey Cass, looking much the same as the young man of twenty-six, and his wife, Nancy, who was still lovely but “ripened into fuller goodness.” Also seen were Silas and his daughter, Eppie, a blonde girl of eighteen. With them was Aaron Winthrop.

Eppie suggested to her father, Silas, that they might have a garden, and Aaron eagerly offered to help plant it. Silas was willing, and he asked that Aaron’s mother is consulted, as she always gave good advice.

 At home, Silas and Eppie are greeted by various animals — a dog, and tortoise-shell kitten. The animals were not the only additions to the cottage since Eppie arrived. Furniture has been provided by Mr Cass, and the home is quite comfortable. Silas had taken up smoking a pipe for his health.

Eppie and Silas lived happily. Eppie had been told of her mother, as much as was known. Of her real father, she knew nothing. The garden had been planned and Eppie decided that she would like the furze bush where her mother’s body was found moved into the garden. Silas agreed to this but was worried about carrying stones for a wall. Eppie was sure there would be plenty of stones, for the Stone Pits were being drained by Mr Godfrey Cass, who had taken over that land. As for carrying them, Aaron would do that. Eppie was sure of that, for Aaron had asked her to marry him. Eppie had told him, however, that Silas would live with them, for she would never leave him alone. Silas felt that she was young for marriage, but if she wished it he would not object. He asked that they consult Dolly on the matter.

Q1. What were the changes that took place in the cottage in which Silas lived with his daughter? Write about how Silas and Eppie plan their garden.

 Ans. Silas and Eppie lived in their stone cottage, which had much changed in the past sixteen years. The air was lively, featuring a limping donkey, a wildly yapping terrier, and a pair of sleepy cats. The cottage was immaculately clean and charming. It had been outfitted with splendid furnishings donated by Godfrey Cass, who had done his superficial part in assisting the old weaver in raising Eppie. The villagers, for their part, became friendly with Marner, since he had done a wonderful job raising a happy, pretty, courteous young woman.

Eppie, Aaron and Silas decided, at Eppie’s request, to build a garden by Silas’ cottage. Silas agreed but was worried about carrying stones for a wall. Aaron promised to return with Mrs Winthrop later to begin planning.

As they planned their new garden, Eppie asked Silas if they could move the furze bush where he had found Molly years ago. She also suggested that they build a stone fence to keep the animals out. Aaron was strong enough to carry the stones, she said, and she and Marner could help.

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