Chapter 15- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 15: Summary (A Man Who Was Running)

Dr Kemp was in his study when he noticed a man running down the hill. He considered him to be a fool. He thought that he was also one of those people, who had been spreading tales of the Invisible Man and creating fear in the town. Even from a distance, Dr Kemp could make out that the man had something heavy in his pocket which was pulling him back. Dr Kemp turned his attention away from the window. But the people who might have observed Marvel more closely could clearly see the look of horror on his face. The onlookers were confused at the look of stark fear on his face. After him, came the sound of a man running behind him, but there was no one visible and people realised that the Invisible Man was after him.

Q1. What surprising sight did Dr Kemp see from his window? How did he react and why?

Ans. Dr Kemp saw a short man running as if his life depended on it. Strangely, however, he appeared to be weighed down by something because he was not able to cover the distance as quickly as he should have.

Dr Kemp was not too deeply affected by the running man because he presumed that the man was one of the rumour mongers who had been trying to scare the people of Burdock with news of the Invisible Man and his cruelties. As a man of science, he considered these stories as the figment of someone’s imagination and beneath his dignity to even consider.

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