Chapter 15- SILAS MARINER Summary Notes and Extra Questions

By | November 21, 2018

The following page is dedicated to the executive Summary Notes and Extra Questions of SILAS MARINER.  The summary is designed like analysis of all chapters SILAS MARINER. These notes of the novel SILAS MARINER, and important as well as hard question answers, book summary, extra questions, explanation, long question answers, as a science fiction,  will surely help you to gain confidence. SILAS MARINER by George Eliot pdf downloadable file is also available. Kindly dive in for Chapter 15  of SILAS MARINER by the author George Eliot

CHAPTER 15: Summary

Dunstan had not returned and Godfrey felt no threat from his brother. No one in the town seemed to miss Dunstan. Godfrey’s path to happiness was unblocked and despite his double-life, he watched Eppie grow up in Silas Marner’s care. Occasionally he did what he could to help the weaver, but he did not want to do too much and raise suspicion. Godfrey seemed determined and firm. Godfrey had improved in his behaviour and became confident. Freed from his secret and Dunstan’s presence, he became devoted to Nancy. He rode to visit Nancy nearly every day and felt that his own happiness lay with Nancy and their future children. Godfrey felt no guilt about having kept the secret. He promised himself, that when the opportunity presented itself, he would see that Eppie was well provided for.

Q1. Why was Godfrey relieved at his brother’s disappearance? Why did he keep an eye on Eppie secretly?

Ans. Dunstan had not returned. Godfrey, released from his marriage with Molly with her death, was relieved at his brother’s disappearance. With no fear from his brother, Godfrey could devote himself to freely wooing Nancy. He began to spend more time at Nancy’s home, and people said that he had changed for the better.

Godfrey keeps a distant eye on Eppie. He gave her an occasional present but was careful not to betray too strong an interest. He did not feel guilty about failing to claim her because he was confident that she was well taken care of. Godfrey promised himself that his daughter would always be well cared for, even though she was in the hands of the poor weaver.

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