Chapter 14- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 14: Summary (At Port Stowe)

After leaving Iping, Marvel and the Invisible Man reached Port Stowe. Marvel looked quite worn-out. He had the Invisible Man’s books in his possession. He appeared to be very nervous and uncomfortable. No one, however, took notice of the tramp while he sat on a bench outside an inn. Soon a mariner came and sat next to him. The mariner was reading a newspaper which carried the news of the Invisible Man. Moreover, he heard the sound of coins near Marvel and wondered how he got the money. They started discussing the news about the Invisible Man. Mr Marvel wondered if there was anything about the Invisible Man’s accomplice in the newspaper. Actually, he was searching for some mention about him. He grew a little more nervous and in an undertone, tried to tell the mariner that he knew many things about the Invisible Man. But as he was about to do so, the Invisible Man appeared in his invisible form and started hurting him. On realising that the Invisible Man was near them, Marvel rose up and called the news a hoax. The mariner was taken aback and he wished to talk more. But Marvel was in a hurry. The mariner grew angry at this behaviour of Marvel.

A friend of the mariner had seen money flying in the thin air but was unable to get hold of it. Later, the mariner heard stories about a bunch of robberies and how people had just seen money floating around in Port Stowe. The truth dawned upon him. He realised how close he had been to the Invisible Man based on the strange things that had happened at Port Stowe with the dirty tramp.

Q1. Describe the meeting of Marvel and the mariner at Port Stowe.

Ans. Marvel was sitting anxiously on a bench in Port Stowe. A mariner came upon him with the newspaper report about the invisible man. Marvel was nervous. He asked the mariner if the report said anything of the Invisible Man’s involvement in illegal acts or having a partner in crime. He tried to tell the mariner that he knew many things about the Invisible Man. However, Griffin was just around him and started hurting him. Mr Marvel got up abruptly and left the place leaving the mariner confused at his strange behaviour. The mariner later realised how close he had been to the Invisible Man when he heard accounts about money floating in the air and pursuers being knocked down whenever they tried to take the coins. The fact that Marvel’s appearance was unkempt and yet he seemed to have money, and Marvel’s shifty behaviour all added to his suspicion.

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