Chapter 13- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 13: Summary (Mr Marvel Discusses his Resignation)

The scene shifts from the village of Iping. The two partners in crime, Marvel and the Invisible Man, are seen walking in the woods. The Invisible Man was very angry with Marvel as the latter had tried to run away with his things. Moreover, he was furious that his secret was out now and the incident in Iping would be out in the newspapers. He further threatened Marvel with dire consequences if he tried to run away again.

Marvel denied the accusation and said that he wanted to resign. He knew that he was stuck with the Invisible Man. He tried to make him realise that he was not of any use and would probably spoil his plans one day. The Invisible Man kept bullying him. Marvel further tried to convince the Invisible Man that he was too weak to carry out his plans and that he was more of a burden. He wanted to show the Invisible Man that he was bound to fail. But the Invisible Man was not ready to let him go. Marvel was afraid of what the Invisible Man would ask him to do next.

Q1. Why did Marvel want to resign? Did Griffin let him go? Give reasons for your answer.

 Ans. Marvel wanted to dissociate from the Invisible Man because the latter was violent and hot-tempered and constantly subjected him to threats and physical pain. He decided to sneak away from Griffin. However, Griffin caught up with him and probably hurt him. He also threatened to kill Marvel if he tried that sort of thing ever again. Initially, Marvel had to give in before Griffin as he was chosen for his work. He was also promised that he would be rewarded handsomely. Later he no longer wanted to be a part of Griffin’s plans. He told him that he was a very bad aide and would probably foil his plans. But Griffin was not ready to let go of him. He could easily overpower the short man who he needed to carry his things around, find him food and shelter. Marvel could prove to be of more help. He didn’t want to lose this advantage by giving up his services.

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