Chapter 11- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 11: Summary (In the ‘Coach and Horses’)

Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting were in the Invisible Man’s room. Mr Hall had given them permission to examine the Invisible Man’s belongings. Mr Cuss found the three diaries that belonged to the Invisible Man. He was happy as he hoped to get some clues. But the diaries were written in some sort of code. The two were unable to make out what was written in them. Mr Cuss thought that perhaps it was in Greek and Mr Bunting could read it. Unfortunately, Mr Bunting had forgotten all his Greek and was hesitant to admit it. Perhaps, he was confused by the use of Greek letters as symbols in a scientific treatise. Just then, the two investigators were interrupted by Marvel who had barged in as if in search of the bar. They thought that perhaps it was a sailor. In fact, Marvel had led the Invisible Man in. The two investigators didn’t realise this. Marvel left and the two men bolted the door from inside not realising that the Invisible Man was already in the room with them. As Mr Cuss asked Mr Bunting to look at a page, he felt that someone had gripped his neck from behind. His head was crashed into the table and before he could understand anything, he saw that Mr Cuss had met the same fate too. The Invisible Man was angry over their intrusion into his belongings. He threatened to murder them. He further demanded his diaries.

Q1. What were Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting doing in the parlour? How did the Invisible Man treat both of them?

Ans. Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting with the permission of Mrs Hall were in the parlour of Coach and Horses going through the Invisible Man’s belongings in the hope of finding some explanation for the morning’s events. Marvel was successful in helping Griffin enter into the room. Before they could realise it, Griffin started banging their heads on the table. He was extremely angry at their touching his belongings and wanted his books back. The two men were no match for him and gave in easily. He left both the men without any clothes, tying the books and clothes in a bundle and throwing it outside the window to the waiting Marvel who took off at top speed and was soon out of the village clutching the bundle tightly to his chest with the Invisible Man following close behind after venting his anger at whoever tried to inadvertently come in his way.

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