Chapter 10- The Invisible Man Summary Notes and Extra Questions

CHAPTER 10: Summary (Mr Marvel’s Visit to (ping)

After the unveiling incident of the Invisible Man at the ‘Coach and Horses’, the life of the village folks slowly limped back to normalcy. However, there were still doubts in the minds of the people. The incident had left Mr Wadgers and Mr Jailers in utter shock. However, the festival mood of Whit Monday calmed their nerves. While the people were engrossed in the festivities, Marvel entered the village with the Invisible Man. He appeared to be talking to himself as Mr Hurter who had observed his arrival, remarked. Initially, Marvel appeared to be hesitant to enter the `Coach and Horses’ till he was forced by the Invisible Man to do so. It appeared to Huxter that he took his time to make up his mind and entered in a strange hesitating manner. There he peeped into the parlour where Mr Bunting and Dr Cuss were going through the Invisible Man’s books, saw Mrs Hall and came out of the inn to lounge against the wall, outside the parlour window. All this time, MrHuxter was seen keeping a keen eye on him.

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