Summary of the Lesson Birth Class 11

By | October 10, 2022
Summary of the Lesson Birth Class 11

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Summary of the Lesson Birth Class 11

Andrew Manson, newly out of medical school, has just begun his medical practice. He is an assistant to Dr Edward Page in the small mining town of Blaenelly. He loves a girl named Christine. But he has had a disappointing date with her. Sadly, he reaches Bryngower. It is nearly midnight. The hospital is closed.
Andrew finds Joe Morgan waiting for him anxiously. He is there to take the doctor to his house to attend on his wife. He has been married for twenty years. His wife was in labour for the first time. Naturally, he is keen to become a father.
Andrew and Joe set out for the latter’s house Number 12, Blaina Terrace. Andrew is feeling dull. Joe doesn’t go in. Mrs Joe is there in a small bedroom upstairs. Here her mother of nearly seventy, and a strong elderly midwife are waiting beside the patient. The old woman is wise in experience. She realises that the delivery will take some time, and the doctor may not wait. But Andrew assures her that he is not going to run away. He goes downstairs to drink tea in the kitchen. He is tired and sleepy. But he decided to stay until everything is over. He is much confused. The thought of Bramwell is haunting him. He has been foolishly devoted to a woman who deceived him. Another colleague Denny was living unhappily alone, separated from his wife. All these marriages are dismal failures. But Andrew has a rosy dream about his marriage with Christine.
 Susan says to her mother not to give her the chloroform if it would harm the baby. She is so much set upon having this child. But Andrew sees no harm in administering the anaesthetic. An hour passes. It is past 4 a.m.. And then the long struggle comes to an end. The child is born, but it is stillborn. Andrew now is in a dilemma—whether to save the mother or the child. Instinctively, he gives the baby to the nurse and gives his attention to Susan who is almost collapsing. He gives her an injection, and her heart is strengthened.
Andrew now turns round to handle the baby. But the midwife has already placed it under the bed. In a flash, Andrew kneels down and pulls out the child. It is perfectly formed. But its warm body is white and seems boneless. It is because of the lack of oxygen. He is suddenly reminded of a case he had once seen at the medical school. He asks the nurse to bring hot water and cold water. He puts the child on a blanket. He puts cold water in one tub and lukewarm water in another. He dips the child in the icy water and in the lukewarm water by turn.
The midwife watches crazy Andrew with astonishment. She remarks that the child is born dead. But Andrew goes on with his treatment. He puts pressure on the little chest, trying to get some oxygen in it. And then as if by a miracle, the baby’s chest begins to rise and fall. Some mucus comes from one of his nostrils. The white skin slowly turns pink. And then comes the child’s cry. The nurse begins to sob. She exclaims with joy and surprise that the child has come alive. He hands over the child to the nurse. Feeling weak and confused, he pulls on his jacket and goes downstairs. He takes a long drink of water. He finds Joe standing outside with a tense face. Andrew assures him that both the mother and the baby are all right. It is nearly 5 o’clock in the morning. He is elated with his achievement. He thanks God for having done something real at last. It influences his whole future in Blaenelly.

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