Birth- Introduction

By | July 15, 2023
Birth Class 11 important questions and answers


                                                              By- A. J. Cronin

 Introduction of the lesson- Birth


The story ‘Birth’ highlights the importance of practical experience in the medical field. It proves sometimes more effective in saving lives or in curing deadly diseases. Dr Andrew applied hot and cold water technique to restore life in a newborn baby. The baby appeared to be stillborn, lifeless, boneless and lax. The nurse put it beneath the patient’s bed as a lost case while the young doctor was making feverish efforts to save the mother who was sinking. Then he turned to the midwife and asked for the child. He pulled it out from under the bed and dipped it alternately in hot and icy cold water. Then he pressed the little chest gently and released it. He too had nearly accepted defeat. But his last effort did the miracle. The baby started breathing and getting oxygen. Its white skin turned pink and it gave out a cry. Everybody thanked God for the miracle. Overworked Andrew also had the greatest satisfaction of his medical career. He had done something real.

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