Albert Einstein at School- Introduction

By | July 27, 2023
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Albert Einstein at School

                                             By- Patrick Pringle

 Introduction of the lesson- Albert Einstein at School


The biographer of the greatest physicist since Newton gives us a revealing account of Einstein’s school days. He had the seeds of genius in him from the primary school stage in Munich. He was honest and plain-speaking. He had his own theory of education. He hated to learn the facts and figures of history by heart. He valued ideas more than the dates of battles. He knew more about Maths than his teacher. His History teacher misunderstood him and called him a disgrace. He felt as miserable at his lodging as at school. He found his landlady beating her children while her drunken husband thrashed her on weekends. So with the help of his friend Yuri and Dr Ernst Well, he managed to leave Munich to study in Milan. Albert had two hobbies—to study Science subject and to play upon the violin. The same unwanted boy made his mark as a great scientist at last.

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