Adventure- Introduction

By | September 9, 2023
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The Adventure

                                         By- Jayant Narlikar

Introduction of the lesson- The Adventure


The story of The Adventure hinges on a particular historical event. It is the story of a historian Gangadharpant who wonders what might have happened if the Marathas had not granted a concession to the East India Company to stay on in Bombay and not sought their help in running their research wing of science and technology. These steps cost the country and the Maratha ruler, dear. The British expanded their influence and dominance in India. A little error of the Maratha soldiers in the Battle of Panipat also would have turned the course of history. Mr Gaitonde reads an extract from Bakhar about the narrow escape of the Vishwas Rao in the battle against Abdali. This sets him thinking. He meets with a collision and for two days he travelled in the past and future. He clarifies certain points when he discussed them with Rajendra Deshpande. Rajendra gave a scientific explanation of how and why the transition took place from the present to past and future. The lesson is a wonderful combination of history and science.

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