Active and Passive Voice Rules and Exercises (Future Indefinite Tense)

By | July 2, 2021


 Passive Voice: will/shall + be + 3rd form of the verb.

Active VoicePassive Voice
1. This little boy will post my letter.My letter will be posted by this little boy.
2. She will not sign these papers.These papers will not be signed by her.
3. I shall not speak a word to you.Not a word will be spoken to you by me.
4. Will you spend thirty rupees on books?Will thirty rupees be spent on hooks by you?

Rule: will/shall + be + III form of the verb.


Convert the Following Sentences into Passive Voice:-

1. Badal will write a letter.                                             

2. Manu will drink coffee.                                            

3. Santosh will write a poem.                                     

4. Madhuri will help me.                                             

5. I shall write a book.                                                 

6. You will pass the test.                                             

7. Seema will paint a picture.                                  

8. Kiran will sing a sweet song.                              


1. A letter will be written by Badal.

2. Coffee will be drunk by Manu.

3.  A poem will be written by Santosh.

4. I will be helped by Madhuri.

5. A book will be written by me.

6. The test will be passed by you.

7. A picture will be painted by Seema.

8. A sweet song will be sung by Kiran.


Change the voice of the following sentences:

1. I shall play football.

2. We shall run a race.

3. You will win the match.

4. He will not teach mc.

5. She will never open her mouth.

6. They will wash their clothes.

7. The teacher will punish the boys.

8. My uncle will pay my tuition fee.

9. I shall have a cup of tea.

10. I shall never forget her kindness.

11. She will help me with money.

12. He will not do any work.

13. Shall I ever forget those happy days?

14. Who will help me?

15. When will the teacher give us a test?


Note: The sentences of this tense cannot be changed into Passive Voice.

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