A Tiger in the Zoo- Value Points

By | February 11, 2023
A Tiger in the Zoo short summary

A Tiger in the Zoo

ByLeslie Norris

Value Points of the Poem

  1. The tiger is not in his natural habitat.
  2. The wilds of the jungle are the natural habitat of the tiger.
  3. Unfortunately, the denizen of the forest has been confined to a caged habitat in a zoo.
  4. He is no more free to roam about in the forest but walks within the length and breadth of his cage.
  5. He has dark spots on his skin which are clearly visible even from a distance.
  6. Condemned to live in his cage, he walks around quietly with his velvety soft feet.
  7. He is angry but has to suppress it.
  8. In his quiet rage, he continues walking up and down his caged habitat.
  9. The poet imagines how the tiger should behave if he is in his natural habitat — the wild jungle.
  10. There, he should be silently hiding in the shadow remains unnoticed.
  11. Sliding through the long grass he should move stealthily to ambush his prey.
  12. He knows where he can find his kill in the wild.
  13. His favourite hunt is the plump deer which he can find near the water-hole.
  14. Sometimes, he comes out of the forest and strays in the human settlement at the edge of the jungle.
  15. There he terrorises the villagers by opening out his white fangs or the long teeth and the claws.
  16. His ferocious looks frighten the villagers.
  17. However, he has no intention of entering the village and killing anybody until he is highly provoked.
  18. Unfortunately, the mighty tiger is cursed to live in a concrete cell in the zoo.
  19. Many visitors come to see him in the zoo but he doesn’t like the stares of the visitors.
  20. He simply ignores their presence.
  21. Now, he is made to limit his movements only to the length and breadth of his caged habitat.
  22. The tiger keeps awake till late in the night.
  23. He hears the noise of the patrolling cars moving around in the zoo.
  24. The brilliant stars shine in the sky and his brilliant eyes shine in the night.
  25. He can’t free himself but he keeps on watching the brilliant stars standing behind the bars of his caged habitat.

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