English MCQ Animals Objective quiz Class 10 Part-1

By | October 16, 2020

As per new education policy multiple choice questions hold 35 % weightage. In this page we are providing multiple choice questions in English. Go through them to find out your understanding of chapter with objective type questions for the chapter Animals. These questions are examveda for you. These are from First Flight We assure you that these objective questions will help you to gain confidence. You can also download English MCQ pdf. These English MCQ are for class 10. In the further pages of edumantra.net you will find English grammar multiple choice questions with answers pdf. So Let’s dive in- 

English MCQ Animals Objective quiz Class10 Part-1


By Walt Whitman


1. What does Whitman want to turn from?

(A) human beings                                       (B) animals

 (C) good qualities                                      (D) all of the above

2. Whom does the poet wish to live with?

 (A) human beings                                     (B) animals

 (C) both (A) and (B)                                 (D) none of the above

3. How do animals appear to the poet?

(A) calm                                                     (B) full of self-confidence

 (C) Well-contented                                 (D) all of the above

4. Who is /are always complaining about their condition?

 (A) the poet                                             (B) animals

(C) human beings                                    (D) all of the above

5. Animals don’t do?

 (A) never sweat                                      (B) never complain about their condition

 (C) never weep for their sins               (D) all of the above

6. What mania do human beings suffer from?

 (A) possessing of things                       (B) good qualities

(C) contentment                                    (D) peace

7. What do the animals possess?

(A) kindness                                           (B) fellow-feeling for all

(C) sympathy                                         (D) all of the above

8. According to Whitman who is greater?

(A) human beings                                 (B) animals

 (C) both (A) and (B)                             (D) none of the above

9. Who kneels to another?

(A) man                                                  (B) animal

 (C) both (A) and (B)                            (D) none of the above

10. Who is the poet of the poem `Animals’?

 (A) Robert Frost                                  (B) Carl Sandburg

(C) Walt Whitman                               (D) W.B. Yeats


1.(A) human beings
2. (B) animals
3. (D) all of the above
4.(C) human beings
5.(D) all of the above
6. (A) possessing of things
7.(D) all of the above
8. (B) animals
9.(A) man
10. (C) Walt Whitman

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