97.Short Essay and Article on Noise Pollution

By | September 27, 2022

 Look at the poster given below on noise pollution. Using ideas from the poster together with your own ideas, write an article in about 120 words for your school magazine highlighting the inconveniences caused by noise pollution and also give suggestions for improvement of the situation. 

Ans.                                                                    Noise Pollution

 It is morning time. You are leaving for your school. You leave home full of energy. But by the time you reach school, you are totally exhausted. One main reason for this can be the noise pollution which affects you as you walk down the road. During peak hours especially, we find the whole atmosphere polluted with noise with vehicles continuously blowing horns. This, in fact, debilitates a person in the long run. Children, especially, are the worst affected. Their organs keep growing till they reach 18 years when they are constantly exposed to noise; their hearing capacity and the related nerves get weakened. A child who leaves home full of energy loses all his energy when he is exposed to so much noise pollution, till the time he reaches school. At home also we are disturbed by noise from one source or another. A public meeting, a temple festival, the hawkers, or the crackers during a wedding party or the band party —something or another keeps banging onto our ears. This is more to be experienced in a city than in villages. If we have to protect our children from harmful noise pollution, social awareness should be created about its ill effects, otherwise measures like a ban on horns or use of amplifiers in public places etc. would only serve the purpose.

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